Garlic mustard poses a severe threat to native plants and animals in forest communities in much of the eastern and midwestern U.S. Once introduced to an area, garlic mustard outcompetes native plants by aggressively monopolizing light, moisture, nutrients, soil and space. Wildlife species that depend on these early plants for their foliage, pollen, nectar, fruits, seeds and roots, are deprived of these essential food sources when garlic mustard replaces them. More on garlic mustard can be found on this Fact Sheet.

Here are several opportunities to help eradicate garlic mustard in our region.

April 16 : 10 AM Buckeye Woods Park, Medina County

April 16 : 12 to 4 PM Bath Nature Preserve, Akron, Summit County

April 17 : 1 to 3 PM West Creek Reservation, Parma, Cuyahoga County

April 20 : 2 PM Hubbard Valley Park, Medina County

April 21: 2 PM Allardale Park, Medina County

April 23 : 10 AM River Styx Park, Medina County

April 23 : 11 AM to 2 PM Seiberling Nature Realm, Akron, Summit County

April 23 : 1 to 4 PM Nature Center at Shaker Lakes, Cuyahoga County

April 27 : 2 PM Plum Creek Park, Medina County

April 28 : 2 PM Princess Ledges Nature Preserve, Medina County

April 30 : 10 AM Hubbard Valley Park, Medina County

May 14 : 9 AM to 12 PM Wildwood Cultural Center, Lake County

May 17 : 6 to 8 PM Hinckley Hills at Hinckley Reservation, Medina County

May 21 : 9 AM to 12 PM Mentor Lagoons Nature Preserve, Lake County