Additional Funding for the Highland Hills Golf Course

We were successful in the joint application to the US Division of Forestry for a Great Lakes Restoration Initiative grant application in the amount of $97,400. The funding will fund a project area along the headwaters of Mill Creek in Highland Hills Golf Course in Highland Hills, Ohio. The project will provide new riparian forest plantings as part of a 2,900 foot WRRSP funded stream restoration project. The project will reforest approximately 11.7 acres of riparian corridor that would be planted with native plants. The restoration will reconnect the stream to its floodplain and so reduce flooding downstream. The riparian plantings will process pollutants during overbank flows and absorb runoff and pollutants from upland areas that are currently maintained as lawn. The added riparian vegetation will also shade the channel and help cool the water and improve the dissolved oxygen in the stream.

The project will be taking place over a two year period alongside the NEORSD WRRSP funded restoration of Mill Creek and will be completed by December 2017. For more information on the project and how we can help you restore the riparian woodlands in your community please contact Meiring Borcherds at 216.244.8152 or e-mail him at